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Kind Words


"Kara is a really good listener and has a genuine heart for others. Her enthusiasm and positivity is contagious. She helped me get a huge breakthrough in dealing with high-stress deadlines with tools that work well for me individually. I highly recommend her as a coach." -Judy, Writer, 59

"I am a mental health counselor and thought I would give coaching a try to see what Kara could offer me. I am quite impressed with her coaching skills and have made progress and gained insight into several areas that I have been stuck in for years. I highly recommend her."  -Karin, Counselor, 53

"Kara helped me figure out how to make progress toward my goals by helping me come up with new creative ideas and challenging me to take things a step further. I was encouraged to look at problems in my life that actually had simple answers. Big problems are made of small problems so I was well on my way to resolve obstacles and move toward what I wanted."     -  Rohit, Programmer, 29


"Coaching with Kara was great! She listened and helped me problem solve and figure out how to get unstuck. I also successfully completed goals!" -Katie, Case Manager, 30

"I’m in my fifties and am truly inspired at how quickly coaching changed some of my weekly patterns. I’m actually doing things and accomplishing goals that I’ve had for a long time. One desire I have had for over 25 years and I am in the middle of making that happen. Kara is a skilled coach who has worked with me on finding my dreams and desires and discovering barriers, exploring options to accomplish and accountability and follow through on each dream/ desire.  Accomplishing goals has made me more hopeful and also challenged me to set more goals for myself. I’m amazed at all I have accomplished in less than a year."  - Alice, Chaplain, 56

"Kara's coaching has helped me see new perspectives in my career walk, finding ways around obstacles that existed, or only existed in my mind. The struggle of getting unstuck can be real, and it is good to have people who are there to support freedom for you. Thank you, Kara!" - Monte, Electrical Engineer 31

From Self Judgement to Kindness

Before this group when I binged, I would think nasty thoughts about myself and continue binging because of being stuck in shame. This group provided support from women who spoke life into me.


One time, someone repeated my words back to me and I was shocked at how ugly I was talking to myself. We encouraged one another and I wrote down their affirmations to practice talking to myself kinder. 

For the first time, I had a focused support team with people who understood where I was at and gave me encouragement and hope when I couldn’t see it myself.


Failing in the group was different because I had people to reach out who helped remove the shame and I was able to stop binging sooner.


I felt safe, surrounded by a team that believed in me.

Last, I learned many practical tools that helped me create new habits in my life from a proven method that increased my chance of success.


Meeting on Mondays really empowered me to start of my week strong. I advise that you join a group! You will not regret it.

-Katie G. Case Manager

Before, I felt alone and hopeless in my journey towards health, but this group gave me focus and energy to pursue this difficult journey of mindful eating and treating my body well.

The accountability of checking in each Monday with the other ladies really motivated me every time I felt stressed and reached for the crackers.


When I have hard weeks or the progress feels slow, Kara’s gentle, compassionate manner makes it easier for me to bring my struggles to the group. She exudes hope and invites me to more. 

The other ladies provided a safety net and together, we moved towards our goals and encouraged each other along the way. I can’t wait for the next six weeks.

-Karin B. - Counselor

From Hopeless to Encouraged 

From Powerless to Mighty 

“Before this group, the only way I understood boundaries was feeling powerless like a child waiting for others to meet my needs.


I regularly felt disrespected by my roommate who trashed the kitchen and refused to change. Through group, I made a plan and confront my roommate for the right reasons and moved forward feeling empowered.


I realized I am not longer at her mercy. Instead, I told my roommate I will move her dishes out of the way if she kept making a mess and have eventually decided I can move out.”


– Jess, 27  

From Fear to Love

Before the boundaries class, I was afraid of my children’s anger and I thought it was unloving to set a boundary. Now, I have confidence that I am loving them by not allowing them to hurt me with their anger and I’m protecting our relationship.


I feel more empowered to love without the fear of losing connection. My children’s anger has reduced since I am responding with more regular boundaries and I have gain practice pushing past uncomfortable anxiety.

After the boundaries group, I understand that boundaries are the safety lines to keep relationships healthy and thriving. I highly recommend this group because shifting a small mindset can benefit our relationships dramatically and Kara helps us to identify those false beliefs in exchange for transformational truth.


You will strengthen and gain confidence in your relationships

Brittney, 33 

Game Changer

Kara’s boundaries group was a total game-changer for my marriage. For a long time, I was so frustrated and fed up with having to twist my husband’s arm to get him to do certain things to meet my needs and wants, and he was frustrated with how much I nagged and pestered him.


I thought for sure the problem was on his end, but little did I know that I was actually the one who needed to make some changes by re-establishing healthy boundaries for myself AND re-learning to respect his boundaries.

Through the boundaries group, I figured out how to get my needs met in a way that was a win-win for both of us, which ultimately gave my husband the freedom to love me better.


I’m not kidding when I say that the shift I learned through the group made a difference almost overnight.


We’re both a lot happier as a result of this group, and the skills I learned were absolutely priceless. I can’t recommend it enough.


-Serena, 28

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