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Meet Kara

Certified Advanced Life Forming Coach

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Hello, my name is Kara Brackebusch and I love freedom. I am passionate about inner healing, staying connected to God and have been pursuing living from a whole heart for the past 10 years.

I know what it's like to be the strong one, the listener, the one who is willing to serve. But I also know what it's like to grow weary, feel invisible, resentful and wondering if I am doing anything right.

Is this really the abundant life Jesus offers? 

Through internships, counseling and coaching Jesus revealed to me the importance of caring for my heart while stewarding the relationships in my life.

Now I feel more alive than ever, connected to the Love of Jesus and connected to my own heart. I can now sustainably set boundries and love those around me without running dry regardless of how they respond.   

I want to invite you into freedom as well, Holy Spirit will be our guide as we explore what balance and rest look like for you. We are not looking for perfection or an easy answer but a sustainable lifestyle of living powerful and free so that you make the impact you were born for.  


I began studying coaching and offering pro-bono coaching services in 2013. It was then where I began a personal transformation to see people in a new way - whole, resourceful and destined for abundant life.

I will help provide forward motion as we tackle one obstacle at a time, dreaming, planning and fully utilizing the present moments you have.


We will not dwell on the past but will decide how you would like to go from here

honoring who you are and how you best operate​

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