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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Packages and Fees

Individual Coaching 



8 Weeks

60 min. sessions

Group Coaching



6 sessions

Every other week

90 min. sessions 

Power Coaching




Six 30 min. sessions


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  • FREE inquiry session to see if coaching is what you are looking for

  • Contact with me between appointments with any questions, struggles, thoughts, etc., that you might have. I will respond within 48 hours

  • Supportive coaching in a safe, structured relationship with ongoing support, encouragement and accountability  

  • Coaching tools to create a SMART goal, explore options and make the most effective action steps 

  • Coaching focused on your potential, strengths and specific design 

  • Intuitive listening that creates awareness and opens the door for personal transformation

Why Hire Me as Your Coach?

Rigorous Training  

  •    I have over 160 hours of live and tella-live training over a year 

  •    Classes were built on experiential learning through peer, client and mentor coach relationships

  •    Good coaches have coaches: I regularly meet with a personal coach


Creative and Encouraging

I am an out of the box thinker and always have been. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or discouraged I will provide you with fresh energy and help you gain hope again for your goals. I provide timely, specific feedback as well as reminding you of your vision while reframing your obstacles. 

Skilled in strengths based approach
Trained in the DISC Personality Coaching

As a prior social worker and lover of people I am skilled at seeing your innate skills and potential. I am trained to adapt my coaching style to match your personality and wiring based on the DISC personality profile. 

Holy Spirit Led

 I am gifted at connected people to the Lord and believe as we see the Lord rightly we will only fall deeper in love with Him. I coach with Christian values, pray for you and listen to the Lord for and with you. I let Holy Spirit lead each meeting for your breakthrough and God's glory. 

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