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1. Encounter The Father's delight                                           

Upgrade your belief system

  • What do I believe about myself?

  • What does the bible say about rest?

  • The science of self-compassion

  • How to connect with Father God

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2. Form your life team 
Move from independence to interdependence

  • Addressing independence

  • Strategies for mutual, satisfactory relationships  

3. Design your restoration plan 

Address practical barriers to rest

  • PRP Personal restoration plan (What gives me rest?)

  • Sustainable scheduling (What needs to shift in my schedule?)

Walk away from coaching with:

  • A sense of internal peace that everything is going to be okay

  • An increased sense of the Lord's delight in you as His daughter 

  • Support in forming connected, fulfilling relationships 

  • A new pace of life that helps you prioritize rest to be able to thrive each day 

  • Feel connected and fulfilled in your times with Jesus 

  • Skills at how to handle the temptation towards striving  and thoughts rooted in fear

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